Is tumblr fucking up for anyone else? Like my posts aren’t getting any notes

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my angel

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shows & movies are life 💕

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Michael Ealy

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The Amity Affliction - The Weigh Down

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Boy Meets World Challenge

Day 8: Favorite Ship

Feeny and Eric

So since I already went on a Shawn and Cory rant I decided I’d do my second favorite ship today. And NO I don’t sexually ship these two characters but their bond is one of the best on the show.  Mr. Feeny wasn’t only Eric’s teacher, he was his friend.  They’re the best and you know it.

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I love how despite everything, she still remembers to do this every single year lol.

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10 years of beautiful soul

jesse mccartney’s debut album Beautiful Soul released September 28th, 2004

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